For Visits To Second Homes


Without prejudice to the provisions of Article 6 of the Law Decree of 26 February 2021 no. 26, the movements between San Marino and the Italian regions in which restrictive measures are in force to contain a high high epidemiological risk

(so-called red and orange areas) are prohibited, except for proven work needs, health reasons or situations of necessity through self-certification. In any case, in addition to cross-border travel, the situations of necessity include:

a) to reach the minor children with the other parent or in any case with the foster or to bring them to himself;b) aimed at carrying out authorized competitive sporting activities (training and competitions);c) owned;d) for the reunification of the spouse / partner;e) for the purchase of basic necessities and / or for those not available in their place of residence.

Mobility between the Republic of San Marino and the neighboring regions, provinces and municipalities in which restrictive measures to contain the epidemiological risk are in place (so-called yellow zones) is permitted.

Slovakia – All those arriving in Slovakia must register on this site and be in possession of the document proving this registration. The general rule requires, if you do not have a certificate certifying the completion of the vaccination cycle, the mandatory 10-day home isolation which can be interrupted starting from the 5th day by undergoing a tampon with negative results.

Children under 12 years and 2 months who, even if not vaccinated, can avoid home isolation if accompanied by one or both parents vaccinated while if accompanied by parents subjected to isolation they must also be placed in isolation. You can avoid the aforementioned home isolation if you are vaccinated.

Under Slovak law, people are considered to be vaccinated:- at least 14 days, but not more than 12 months, after applying the second dose of the two-booster vaccine;- at least 21 days, but not more than 12 months, after applying the first dose of single-dose vaccine;

– at least 14 days, but not more than 12 months, after applying the first dose of vaccine, if the first dose was administeredin the interval of 180 days from the overcoming of the COVID-19 disease.Slovakia issues and recognizes EU digital Covid certificates. More info on the Viaggiare Sicuri website.

Slovenia – From June 14, 2021, Slovenia also allows entry for non-essential travel (including tourist travel).

From 15 July 2021 the Slovenian classification of countries / regions in color lists is no longer in force and entry into Slovenia without quarantine obligation is allowed to those who have a certificate that alternatively certifies: negative result of PCR test performed within the preceding 72 hours or rapid test / HAG performed within the preceding 48 hours;

certificate of recovery; vaccination certificate (paper or digital EU Green Certificate) or vaccination certificate after recovery. In the absence of a certificate, the person will be subjected to a ten-day home quarantine (provided that he proves that he has a place to spend this period).

Exceptions to the aforementioned provisions are applied to: road hauliers; those who transit with exit from the country within 12 hours of entry, provided they can access the next country of transit or destination without problems; minors who have not turned 15 years of age;

land owners on the border; cross-border workers residing within 10 km of the border; companion of a minor who has not turned 15 who goes to school and crosses the border within two hours from the first passage; people who have an urgent medical examination and leave Slovenia immediately after its conclusion.

From 12 September 2021, even those transiting through Slovenia to travel to other countries (with the exception of road hauliers) will have to submit the certification described above. More details on the website of the Italian Embassy in Ljubljana and on that of the Slovenian government. The obligation to complete the Digital Passenger Locator Form is in force for those entering the country by plane or by ship.


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