Rusavia N4550j And N12ba ConfirmedFor Daks Over Normandy


and “cured” those daks over normandy asymptomatic and tested positive for a swab not less than 28 days and not more than 6 months before. For daks over normandy unvaccinated and unhealed people, the swab can be antigenic (rapid) or molecular (PCR) and must be performed in the daks over normandy 48 hours prior to entry into Germany (in the case of the antigenic)

or in the 72 hours preceding (in n12ba the case of of the molecular PCR). The documentation on vaccination, recovery or the outcome of the swab can be written in Italian (as well as in German, English, n12ba French and Spanish). There are also other n12ba  obligations (including online registration obligation and, in various cases, quarantine)

for those who have n4550j  stayed in the 10 days prior to entering Germany in one of the areas considered “at risk” (“high risk” or ” variants at risk “), listed on the RKI website. For all information on health obligations that apply n4550j  to those who have traveled to countries considered at risk, please refer to the website of the Italian n4550j  Embassy in Berlin.

Attention: rusavia  entry into Germany is normally forbidden for those who have been in the “variant risk areas” (except in a few exceptional cases, including transit). For more information on the procedures, it is recommended that you consult the in-depth section of Viaggiare Sicuri and carefully follow rusavia the directions on the following page of the Italian Ministry of Health rusavia  website.

Greece – In order to facilitate users in evaluations in view of possible trips to Greece, it is recommended to carefully consult the map, available in English, prepared by the Greek authorities, which shows both the spread of the infection in each area of ​​the country, islands included, and the restrictive measures currently in force.

There are four levels of alert, each of which associated with a color: the maximum alert level (in red) currently corresponds to some restrictive measures such as the curfew from midnight to 6 am, the suspension of some cultural activities, the ban on music in clubs, etc. In general, the use of the mask in outdoor spaces is not mandatory, except in the case of gatherings.

The obligation to wear a mask indoors remains in force. The Hellenic Authorities have announced that starting from Friday 16 July 2021, customers of restaurants, bars, cafes and all indoor entertainment venues (cinemas, theaters, etc.) will have to demonstrate

(for example by showing the Covid Digital Certificate- EU, vaccination certificate or negative result of molecular or antigenic swab) to have been vaccinated or to have tested negative in the last three days (in case of PCR test) or in the last two days (in case of antigenic test). Only minors will be allowed access on the basis of the negative result certified following the self-test.


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