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N25641 Liberty confirmed for Daks over Normandy

<< Back 8 November 2018
N25641 Liberty confirmed for Daks over Normandy

Daks over Normandy is proud to announce that Legend Airways Foundation's DC-3C N25641 "Liberty" is confirmed for next year's event!

Legend Airways “Liberty” DC-3C, N25641, serial number 9059, was built by the Douglas Aircraft Corporation in Long Beach, CA. And rolled off the assembly line on February 11, 1943. Liberty, began life in service of the United States military, at the time deeply embattled in WWII, as a C-47-DL, military Serial #42-32833 stationed in Oran, Algeria in North Africa arriving on August 17th, 1943. During the war, she would see action in both the Mediterranean and European theaters, and on June 6th1944 would secure her spot in history, participating in the D-Day invasion of France.