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Meet the authors and historians at Daks over Normandy

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Meet the authors and historians at Daks over Normandy

On 7 and 8 June, visitors to the Daks over Normandy event at Caen-Carpiquet Airport will have the opportunity to meet a number of WWII authors and historians. They will be signing their books and will be available to talk more about all aspects of the Normandy conflict and other battles of the era.

Here’s what some of those authors had to say about their involvement in this epic event…

Neil Barber, author of Pegasus and Orne Bridges, Pocket Guide to Pegasus Bridge and Pocket Guide to Merville Battery:

“The 75th Anniversary of D-Day and the Normandy Campaign will be commemorated in both poignant and joyous manners. Poignant in remembering those that died, but joyous in commemorating their incredible achievement - gaining freedom for Western Europe. Previous anniversaries have seen some fabulous commemorative tributes, but none will have been bigger in scale than Daks over Normandy. To witness 30+ Dakotas flying over the Ranville DZ, will be something that those lucky enough to witness it will never forget.”

Attending: 7 June - 10am-12pm and 2pm-4pm

Adam Berry, author of A Breathtaking Spectacle - IX Troop Carrier Command:

“As a historian that has specifically researched and written on units that operated the Douglas C-47 Skytrain in WWII, the Daks over Normandy event is something that excites me. To see around 40 of the aircraft and its variants in the air in one go is something I cannot wait to see; to experience; to feel. The noise alone is something I would pay good money to hear. For me it represents the sights and sounds that are so synonymous with D-Day - that aircraft is the one that seems to evoke images of the invasion more so than any other.

“To be involved in the Daks over Normandy event is something I could never have passed on. It gives me a great opportunity to showcase my book around which the aircraft is partly about and, more importantly, to talk to people about the men who so heroically operated them across all the major Allied Operations of WWII.

“Had I not been invited to attend as an author, I'd have been there as a fan - as a lover of the aircraft - because I know that none of us will ever get that chance again.”

Attending: 7 June - 10am-1pm
Adam Lunney, author of Ready to Strike: The Spitfires and Australians of 453 (RAAF) Squadron over Normandy:

“In 2014 I was in Normandy for the 70th anniversary of the landings and I was inspired to write about 453 (RAAF) Squadron - Australians who flew Spitfires during the Normandy campaign. In 2019 I'll be back for the 75th commemorations and will signing copies of that book on 8 June at the Daks over Normandy event in Carpiquet. One of the pilots I wrote about - W/O Fred Cowpe - crash landed his damaged Spitfire at the airfield in August 1944. This will be a very special event, a very special year and they were very special men. Now they have all gone - but I will be telling their story, and ‘Daks’ is the perfect place for it."

Attending: 8 June - 10am-4pm
Paul Woodage, author of Angels of Mercy - Two Screaming Eagle Medics in Normandy:

“In this social media age where we can engage with our favourite actors, comedians and public figures ‘virtually’, it is important to recognise that interactions via computer and iPhone are no substitute for actual human interaction. The book signings at Daks over Normandy will provide the public with an opportunity to meet, engage with and talk to WWII authors from as far away as Australia. I for one am looking forward to this event immensely, I get to meet some of my literary heroes too! Plus all this alongside all those historic aircraft - WOW!”

Attending: 7 June - 10am-1pm and 8 June - 10am-4pm

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