Medal Of Honor Recipient Sal Giunta Joins Daks Over Normandy


From 21 July 2021 it is mandatory medal of honor giunta  to show the Covid certificate or health pass (“pass sanitaire”), to access places of leisure and culture (including museums, cinemas, theaters and show medal of honor giunta  halls).

Starting from Monday 9 August 2021 medal of honor giunta , the mandatory health pass was extended to bars, cafes and restaurants, including spaces outside the premises. From that date, the health pass is also medal of honor salvatore giunta  required when boarding long-distance airplanes, trains and buses, as well medal of honor salvatore giunta  as for accessing large-scale medical offices and shopping centers

(in the medal of honor salvatore giunta latter case on the basis of a threshold that will be established as a result of a decree and according to the severity of the spread of the infection at the local level). The  salvatore giunta medal of honor need to show the health pass has also been confirmed to access places of care and hospitals salvatore giunta medal of honor , provided that this does not represent an obstacle salvatore giunta medal of honor to treatment.

The obligation to show the health pass, applicable from the age of 18, will also be extended to minors over 12 years of age, starting from 30 September 2021. The Covid certificate issued by other European Union countries is also recognized in France, from 1 July 2021. Click here sal giunta  for more information and sal giunta  an updated list of cases in which a health pass sal giunta is mandatory sal guinta.

ENTRIES sal guinta  INTO FRANCE sal guinta  FROM ABROAD sal giunta medal of honor  The French authorities have classified sal giunta medal of honor  the countries of the world into three categories: sal giunta medal of honor green, orange and red; the page of the Ministry of the Interior shows the countries classified in each category. For travelers from “Green” countries (including Italy), entry into France can take place in the following cases.

If vaccinated, a certificate of completion of the vaccination cycle must be presented, which is considered concluded 7 days after the second dose of Pfizer, Moderna and Astrazeneca vaccines or 4 weeks after the administration of the Johnson & Johnson vaccine or 7 days after the first dose of approved vaccine sal medal of honor  by the EMA for people recovered from a previous COVID 19 infection.

If not vaccinated or with a cycle not  sal medal of honor completed, a certificate of at least 12 days and no more than 6 months of complete recovery from Covid-19 must be presented or the negative outcome a PCR or antigen test carried out less than 72 hours before departure (boarding in the case of a carrier, or  sal medal of honor crossing the land border). The test obligation does not apply to children under the age of 12.

Warning: unvaccinated persons entering France from Cyprus, Spain, Greece, Malta Portugal and the Netherlands, must exhibit a PCR or antigen test with negative result carried out no later than 24 hours before (therefore not 72) from the departure for France. For more information click here.

Anyone who enters French territory, regardless of the completion of the vaccination cycle and even if a minor, must also complete the declaration of absence of symptoms which can be downloaded from the page of the French Ministry of the Interior (it is also available in English from a link on the same page ).

Germany – Starting from Sunday 1 August, anyone entering Germany regardless of the country of origin and the means of transport used, must have, BEFORE entry or boarding, documentation proving that they are vaccinated, cured or have having tested negative for an antigenic or molecular swab (with very limited exceptions provided for by the law).

This obligation does not apply to children under 12. According to German legislation, people who have completed the vaccination cycle for at least 14 days are considered “vaccinated” (if they have already contracted Covid, the first dose is enough)


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