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DC-3 TF-NPK Pall Sveinsson confirmed for Daks over Normandy

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DC-3 TF-NPK Pall Sveinsson confirmed for Daks over Normandy

Daks over Normandy is proud to announce that Icelandair DC-3 TF-NPK "Páll Sveinsson" is confirmed for next year's event!

It was on 1st October 1943 that c/n 13861 was handed over to the USAAF and was given the serial number 43-30710. Soon after, 43-30710 was in action with the USAAF in Iceland, based at Meeks Field (Keflavik International Airport). In 1946 c/n 13861 was purchased by Flugfélag Íslands hf. (Iceland Airways Ltd. also known as Icelandair) and registered in Iceland as TF-ISH.

When Icelandair started naming their aircraft in 1948 TF-ISH was given the name "Gljáfaxi". During its carreer with Icelandair TF-ISH was mainly used for domestic passenger service, but it was also used in a variety of other roles including air freight, live-stock flights, fishery patrol for the Icelandic Coast Guard, ski-flights to isolated communities on the East Coast of Greenland, passenger flights between Iceland and the Faroe Islands, and from the Faroes to Norway and Scotland. It also made numerous cargo flights to Britain from Iceland with urgently needed spares for aircraft and ships.

Icelandair donated the aircraft to the State Soil Conservation Service in 1972 for use in the fight against soil erosion. The aircraft was converted to a duster based on similar conversions in use in New Zealand. Icelandair included all the work and material for the conversion as part of their gift.

In 1973 the aircraft was re-registered as TF-NPK with Landgræðsla ríkisins (the Icelandic State Soil Conservation Service) and was given the name "Páll Sveinsson" after a former director of the Service who was a pioneer in the use of aircraft in fighting erosion and spreading seed and fertilizer from the air. TF-NPK was in use as a duster until 2006. Since 2005 the aircraft has been operated by the Icelandic DC-3 Friends and ownership is now with the DC-3 Fund (Þristasjóðurinn) a self-owned entity. TF-NPK has been a residence at the Icelandic Aviation Museum in Akureyri since 2007 and flies from there to events all around Iceland during the summer months under the sponsorship of Icelandair.