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Daks over Normandy Sponsor Highlight - Delware Trading

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Daks over Normandy Sponsor Highlight - Delware Trading

Within the complexity of organising Daks over Normandy we would like to highlight one of our sponsors: Delware Trading
Delware Trading is the trade branch of the Dutch Delware Company. Their core business lies in the design and development of projects with WWII as the main focal point.  The list of related products and items they develop, design and manufacture is endless. From a full corporate identity and marketing for a WWII museum to audio visual techniques, dioramas and full scale replicas. In the preparations for the 2014 commemoration of Market Garden they have built a full scale WACO G4 glider. They can help with a full range of merchandise items, but can also produce life-size, realistic figures for dioramas and reproduce unique and items that are no longer in existence.
Delware Company is much sought after for large WWII-related events and, for a score of events, they have designed the merchandise line in such a way that it can be sold from way before the event until long after. From a marketing point of view this of course supports any event in a tremendous way. And every time the quality and the appeal of their products is striking.

Fred Scheurwater and Bert de Jong have chosen to start their company from their mutual passion for everything WWII related. They want to keep the memory alive of what happened back then. The liberation of Europe was heavily fought over and many young men and women paid the ultimate price. With that - and the current situation of our World – in mind, their daily activities centre around WWII projects. And in an impressive way our younger generations can learn from what happened during those war years.
Now, just two years after Fred and Bert started their company, they are making quite the name for themselves. Worldwide they are known for their knowledge, creativity and expertise as they offer a wide range of skills and solutions. All Delware designs are made by senior designers with a wide experience in marketing and design.
Also for the production of special items Delware is the right partner. Painting, prop building and restoration requires very special skills. The Delware staff, who are all active re-enactors, have all earned their spurs having worked for famous theme parks, museums and well-known events.
For Daks over Normandy, Delware has designed the uniform which all crews will wear during the event. The very realistic reproduced flight coverall has the original pattern and the US company Talon gave full cooperation by supplying the original zipper types. Besides the coverall, Delware has also designed a beautiful leather A2 flight jacket which, for this exclusive event, will be adorned with unique patches. A real collectors’ item!

Would you like to know more about the projects the Delware Company does and about what they could do for you? Take a look at www.delware.company  or at www.delware.trading