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Daks over Normandy Ambassador James Holland honoured to be part of momentous event

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Daks over Normandy Ambassador James Holland honoured to be part of momentous event

Daks over Normandy Ambassador James Holland explains why he's looking forward to such a momentous event in June.

With over 20 books and over a dozen broadcasts to his name and with his enormous knowledge and understanding of World War II, James can and will help us reach our goals. Here's what he has to say:

"It was just 75 years ago that the Allied forces of freedom crossed The Channel and began the liberation of France and Western Europe from the tyranny of Nazism.  Really, that is just a pinprick in time and certainly so in the long and tumultuous history of Europe and the wider world.  

"Since that time, Europe has enjoyed peace and increasing prosperity - liberties that were won through the blood and sacrifice of all too many people.

"The spearhead of that victory were the American, British, Canadian and French airborne forces who were dropped ahead of the main amphibious landing and it is wonderful that, in this 75th year since those momentous events, such a large fleet of Dakota C-47s has been assembled to fly once more from England to Normandy. It will be a vividly exciting and visual reminder of those extraordinary events of 75 years ago and an important reminder of the incredible undertaking of the Allied forces back in June 1944. It really is vitally important we remember what happened and never take our current liberties for granted.  

"It is both a thrill and an honour to be an Ambassador for Daks over Normandy and I can’t wait to see such a large assembly of Dakotas flying together once more."