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Even in this case, the local health authorities still recommend, even in the absence of symptoms, to undergo a molecular or antigen test after arriving in the Netherlands, even in the event of vaccination. More info on the Viaggiare Sicuri website. The Dutch government advises anyone arriving in the Netherlands,  caf caen even if they have been fully vaccinated, to take a test.

For people traveling from countries / regions caf caen  at risk and who have not yet been fully vaccinated or have not had the coronavirus, the Dutch government strongly recommends that they take a self-test or get tested for free at the municipal health service (GGD) the second and on the fifth day after their arrival in the Netherlands.

Poland – Some restrictive measures for entry into the country are still in force. Those arriving by any means of transport (including on foot) from other EU / Schengen / EEA-EFTA countries must alternatively present: a) the negative result of a swab (PCR or antigenic), carried out no doug rozendaal  later than 48 hours prior to the entry into the country and written in English or Polish; b)

certification certifying the completion, for at least 14 days, of the vaccination cycle with one of the vaccines admitted in the European Union; c) recovery from COVID and conclusion of the period of home isolation or hospitalization, doug rozendaal  with entry into Poland no later than 6 months from the date of the swab positive for SARS-CoV-2 virus infection.

Failing this, there is a 10-day quarantine obligation. It is possible to interrupt the quarantine following a negative Covid test carried out on Polish territory within 48 hours after entering the country, except for those whose travel originated from a non-EU / non-Schengen / non-EEA-EFTA country doug rozendaal  (see next paragraph).

Children under the age of 12 traveling together with adults fully vaccinated within the aforementioned terms, or with a negative swab, are exempt from quarantine and testing. It should also be noted that, starting from 17 July, whatever the origin of the trip, those who enter Poland by plane will have to fill in an online “Passenger locator form”, also available in English on the web page.

If it is not possible to fill in this form, the paper forms provided by the airline staff can be used. Regarding entry from non-EU / Schengen / EEA-EFTA countries, see the Viaggiare Sicuri website. TRANSITS The transit through Polish territory of EU citizens who must return to their place of residence or domicile in another EU country is allowed without particular formalities.

Furthermore, it should be noted that foreigners who travel by plane and who, after arriving in Poland, remain on the territory are allowed to enter Poland from Extra-EU / Extra Schengen / Extra EEA-EFTA Countries, even in exemption from quarantine.

Polish up to 24 hours and are in possession of a flight ticket confirming their departure from Poland within 24 hours of arrival on Polish territory. The measures in question are subject to continuous updates, for which it is advisable to consult the website of the Italian Embassy in Warsaw and the official website of the Polish government.


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