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Breitling HB-IRJ onfirmed for Daks over Normandy

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Breitling HB-IRJ onfirmed for Daks over Normandy

Daks over Normandy is proud to announce that Breitling DC-3 HB-IRJ has confirmed for 2019's event!

The Breitling DC-3 HB-IRJ was first delivered to American Airlines the 12th of March 1940 under the name “Flagship Cleveland”. It was then leased to the U.S. Army between 1942 and 1944 during world war ll, thereafter bought by Trans Texas the 24th of February 1949, and later by Texas Int’l in 1968.

Tradewinds restored her in 1969 and the famous PBA (Provincetown Boston Airlines) operated it in commercial flights until 1987. It was flown by Eastern Express in 1987 then leased to Bar Harbour before being preserved for 4 years. In 1992 Champlain air buys the airplane and a complete restoration takes place in 1995.

In November 2008, Francisco Agullo and a group of friends buy the airplane with the intention to make it fly in Switzerland and Europe. Since Mai 2009, it is operated by the Super Constellation Flyers Association. Today the aircraft is certified in Switzerland. It can carry passengers and is fully IFR (Instrument Flight Rules) equipped.

• Aircraft Type: Douglas DC-3
• Operator: Super Constellation Flyers Association
• Year of Manufacture: 1940
• Powered by: Pratt & Whittney R-1830 x 2
• Colour Scheme: Breitling Colours

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