Breitling Hb Irj Onfirmed For Daks Over Normandy


San Marino and the Vatican State daks over normandy  as well as their family members (see also this site). To check the measures that apply, you can consult the online questionnaire. For information and possible exemptions for business trips consult the website.

Registration before leaving. Before daks over normandy  leaving for Iceland, travelers must register, within 72 hours prior to arrival, at the link. Test. – Incoming travelers who are not vaccinated or who have not contracted  daks over normandy covid-19 must present a certification (written in Icelandic, Danish, Norwegian, Swedish or English) proving that they have undergone, within

72 hours prior to departure or embarkation hb  of the first section, to a molecular PCR test with a negative result. Rapid antigen tests are not valid. Minors born in or after 2005 are exempt from this test, while the test must be hb  carried out by minors born in or before 2004.

With some exceptions, hb travelers are also obliged, once they enter Iceland, to undergo two other tests, the first carried out upon entry and the second after the fifth day of quarantine. Even minors born in 2005 and after may be subjected to some containment measures (buffer and quarantine).

– Incoming irj  travelers vaccinated or recovered from covid-19 must present the certification that proves that they have undergone the test (rapid or PCR) carried out 72 hours before departure. From 1 October 2021, irj  Icelandic citizens, citizens of other countries residing in Iceland and people with strong ties to Iceland are exempt from the test before departure.

These travelers must undergo a test (rapid or irj PCR) within 48 hours after arrival. Minors born in 2005 or later are also exempt from the test. Forty. Travelers from defined risk countries (all excluding Greenland) must observe a 5-day quarantine in a residence that meets certain requirements.

Travelers are exempt from quarantine if a) are in possession of medical certification of cure from covid-19 disease (PCR test or serological test) in paper or electronic format, including the EU digital covid certificate, in Icelandic,

Danish, Norwegian, Swedish news  or English; b) have completed the anti covid-19 vaccination, carried out with one of the vaccines approved by the European Medicines Agency (EMA) and the WHO, at least 14 days before entry and are in possession of a valid vaccination certificate in paper or electronic, including the

EU digital covid certificate, in Icelandic, news  Danish, Norwegian, Swedish, English or French or translated into one of these languages; c) were born in 2005 or after. For more information on certification and quarantine, please visit categories/quarantine.

All those entering Iceland are encouraged news  to download the Rakning C-19 Icelandic tracking mobile application. It is strongly recommended that all travelers consult and read carefully, before leaving for Iceland, the information provided on the websites of the Embassy of Italy and the Icelandic Government.


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