Bluebonnet Belle Confirmed For Daks Over Normandy


Measures for Entry into Norway  blue bonnet belle from Green or Orange Countries / Areas No restrictions apply to travelers indicated in the previous paragraph who come from green or orange countries / areas, without further stays or transits in countries / regions of colors other than those indicated. of any kind (no swab,  blue bonnet belle no quarantine, there is no requirement for a vaccination blue bonnet belle certificate).

Italy is orange, with the sole exception of Sicily, currently classified as red. It is recommended to periodically consult the map of the Norwegian authorities, at the link already indicated. Entry into Norway from other countries / areas (red, dark red, purple, bluebonnet belle  gray): see the Viaggiare Sicuri website.

Entry to Svalbard For travelers who intend to travel to Svalbard, before leaving Norway, there is no longer the obligation to swab, but the obligation to observe the quarantine, where applicable, remains. For more information, refer to the sites.Netherlands – Local authorities first of all identify a different discipline for entry / return from the EU and the Schengen area and for entry /

return from the rest of the world.
Furthermore, they have restored a classification system of countries / regions at risk, which bluebonnet belle  is divided into: “safe” areas, high risk areas, very high risk areas with the presence of worrying variants; extremely high risk areas, without the presence of worrying variants.

From 8 August 2021, Italy is back in the areas at risk. Local authorities periodically review the belonging of a country to one or the other category, therefore please refer to the careful consultation of what is indicated in the official link of the Dutch government.

GENERAL OBLIGATIONS All travelers aged 13 and over, entering by air, must complete a “Health declaration”. This last health declaration is usually completed directly by the airline, often digitally. More information can be found here.

ENTRY – RETURN FROM COUNTRY / REGION AT RISK, WITHIN THE EUROPEAN UNION / SCHENGEN AREA (e.g. Italy): Travelers from 12 years of age, coming from the EU or the Schengen Area, are not subject to a ban on entry. In case of origin from an area at risk, it is necessary to have a certificate (including the EU Digital Covid Certificate) which certifies, bluebonnet belle  alternatively:

vaccination, cure or negative molecular or antigen test result. For details regarding the molecular or antigen test, it is recommended to consult the information indicated here. The characteristics of a valid vaccination certificate are indicated here.

Quarantine is not required. However, local health authorities recommend, even in the absence of symptoms, to undergo a molecular or antigen test after arriving in the Netherlands, even in the event of vaccination. ENTRY – RETURN FROM A SAFE COUNTRY (or region) WITHIN THE EUROPEAN UNION / SCHENGEN AREA:

In case of coming from an EU / Schengen area where the circulation of the virus is particularly low and where there are no variants are of particular concern to health authorities, you are not subject to any obligations (you are not required to submit any certificates, nor are you subject to quarantine). The obligation to complete the “Health declaration” remains.


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