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All your FAQs answered

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All your FAQs answered

We've tried to answer your most frequently asked questions (FAQs) below regarding the aircraft taking part, facilities, parking, etc.

I have not received my tickets, will I still get in?
All tickets are emailed, not posted. If you have not received your tickets please email tickets@daksovernormandy.com with your confirmation number and your tickets will be resent via email. If you do not receive them you will still get entry to the event with your confirmation number and ID.
What's the schedule for the events in Duxford and Normandy?
The programme of events is here: daksovernormandy.com/program/
Will there be any talks or author signings at Duxford?
At Duxford there won't be any talks or book signings unfortunately as all authors are coming to Normandy for D-Day 75. Quite a number have positively answered to our invitation to come and do a signing session at Caen-Carpiquet.
Can I sit in one of the aircraft at Duxford or Caen-Carpiquet?
In Duxford we will do flight line walks. A number of aircraft will be open to the public. In Caen, security is much more strict and coming aboard is very difficult unfortunately.
How many aircraft are taking part and will they be in D-Day colours?
Please see daksovernormandy.com/aircraft
Can I "dress up" (come as a reenactor) for these events?
Of course! It's the 75th commemoration of the 1944 D-Day landings!
For the practice mass parachute jump with round parachutes on 4 June at Duxford, how many aircraft will be taking part in the drop?
At this time we have 11 aircraft equipped for static line drop operations. They will all take part.
Who is taking part in the jumps?
Roughly 220 paratroopers coming from all over the World will be joining us for this historic event.
Will there be any veterans attending?
Yes, a number of veterans, both paratroopers and aircrew will be attending.
What altitude will you be flying?
Approximately 1,000-1,500 ft.
Will there be any fly-bys prior to the event?
During the event itself - mainly on 4 and 5 June - there will be a lot of flying going on around Duxford Airfield. The same counts for Caen Airport. A very good reason to come and visit us, don’t you think?
Will the event be streamed live?
We’re going to do live Facebooking from the event as much as possible but we’re not sure about connections once in flight. We will be recording though so even if it’s not live we will have plenty of footage.
What route will you be taking from Duxford to Caen-Carpiquet Airport?
We will fly from Duxford to Colchester, Southend, Maidstone, Eastbourne, Beachy Head to France. More precise we cannot make it at this time because the actual flight route depends on a number of factors, e.g. weather and clouds, other air traffic, etc. Please see the news page daksovernormandy.com/news/daks-over-normandy-historic-route-revealed/ for more information.
Where will the drop zone be in Normandy?
The drop zone is in Sannerville. The military jump program will start at approx, 2pm. Daks over Normandy will be jumping between approx. 4-4.30pm. The DZ itself is located immediately West of the town between roads D226 and D675
What formation will you be flying in?
We will fly in an echelon right formation of three aircraft in each echelon.
Will the formation split before the jump?
The formation will spilt after the first passage of the drop zone. The non-jump aircraft will go straight to Caen Airport for their landing. The drop aircraft will make a few more passes to drop their sticks of paratroopers. After that they will all go to Caen Airport as well.

Do I need tickets to watch the drop in Sannerville?
No, this is a non-ticketed event.  The Sannerville jump is Daks over Normandy’s  present to the 75th commemoration of the 1944 D-Day landings. You only need tickets for entry to Duxford and Caen-Carpiquet airport.
Will there be parking at Sannerville?
Yes, the parking is handled by the Town of Sannerville. Please see image right for more information. Daks over Normandy is organising the jump itself and the aircraft. Please note that we are not responsible for or managing the ground part.
Is there parking at Caen-Carpiquet Airport?
The car park for Daks over Normandy at Caen-Carpiquet Airport is a large parking area at Boulevard Georges Pompidou in Caen. Between 9am and 6.30pm on 7 and 8 June there will be a shuttle bus service throughout the day from there to the airport. Parking and the shuttle bus are both FREE.
Are there disabled parking facilities at Caen-Carpiquet?
At Caen Airport there will be limited parking facilities for disabled people.

Is there parking for coaches at Caen-Carpiquet Airport?
Coach car parks are being worked on very close to the airport entrance Coaches can however drop off their visitors very close to the entry gate.
I'm staying near Caen-Carpiquet Airport, can I walk to the event?
Of course!
I'm travelling in a WWII period vehicle, is there more secure parking available at Caen-Carpiquet?
Unfortunately not. There is just the one car park available for the event.
Is there anywhere to park bicycles at Caen-Carpiquet Airport?
There is no dedicated bicycle parking at Caen Airport, but bicycles are small and you will be able to find a spot easily.
We're planning on bringing some camping chairs, a picnic and a trolley to carry it all. Will we be able to bring these on the shuttle bus at Caen-Carpiquet Airport?
We would say yes, but of course your luggage will prevent the bus from taking on a full load of passengers. Please take that into account.
Can I pay at the gate at Caen-Carpiquet?
Yes, but we advise buying online in advance where possible as it's cheaper than on the day.
If you do intend to buy at the gate, we advise you to bring cash money. There might not be a good enough Wifi connection to feed the mobile payment terminals
Is there parking for the night photography shoots?
Parking for the night photography shoots is outside of event hours so you can park in the regular airport parking.
What aircraft and facilities will be at the night shoot?
During the night shoot we will park six aircraft - DC-3s, C-47s and the only airworthy Li-2 left in the world. We're bringing in a scissor lift for special perspectives and lighting as well.
Will there be any reenactors available for the night shoots?
There will not be reenactors available for the night shoot. As the photoshoot take place outside the regular opening hours of the event AND of both Duxford and Caen, we can only cater for a limited number of people. We decided that the slots available to us should all go to enthusiastic photographers.
If you have any more questions please let us know via social media on Facebook or Twitter.