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(b) or, certificate, always in daks over normandy  English or German, certifying the recovery from a Covid 19 infection contracted in the last 6 months;(c daks over normandy ) or, certificate, again in English or German, certifying the vaccination daks over normandy  against Covid 19.

To this end, go dacks com vaccines authorized by the EMA (European Medicines Agency) or listed in the Emergency Use List of the ‘WHO). You go dacks com  must have completed the vaccination course. If you have received a single-dose vaccine, it is only valid from the 22nd day after administration and go dacks com for 270 days from the date of vaccination.

For those who have received two doses, the vaccination is valid immediately for 360 days from the date of the second dose. A single dose of vaccine is sufficient even if you have contracted a Covid 19 infection for at least 21 days or in the presence of neutralizing antibodies before vaccination. In this case, the vaccination is valid for 360 days from administration.

Therefore under daks (if not in possession of certification certifying vaccination or recovery from Covid 19 in the terms indicated above) the obligation to be in possession of a negative Covid test (carried out in the under daks  previous 72 hours if molecular, in the previous 48 hours if antigenic) ) upon entering Austria, or to do so within under daks 24 hours.

Possession of a test or certificate of recovery or vaccination in the terms indicated above exempts from quarantine, provided that you have been exclusively in Austria or one of the countries listed above in the previous 10 days (otherwise the quarantine must be done).

Furthermore go daks , from 9 June 2021, coming from go daks  the countries indicated above, those in possession of a negative Covid test or certification of vaccination or recovery from Covid (under the terms and conditions indicated above for each of the three hypotheses) and, moreover, , was  go daks exclusively in Austria or in one of the countries listed above in the 10 days prior to entry into Austria is no longer required to pre-register online.

Those who do not have one of the three certificates mentioned above (and therefore must take the test within 24 hours) and / or have been in other countries (other than those listed above and from Austria) in the previous 10 days is instead still required to pre-register online, on the site, to be carried out in the 72 hours prior to entering the country.

Confirmation of registration is automatically generated by the system and must be presented, in paper or digital format, at the request of the authorities in case of checks. In summary, the same conditions that exempt from quarantine now also exempt from online pre-registration, but must be possessed at the time of entry into the country.

For information on entry from other countries and on commuters, see the Viaggiare Sicuri website. The lists of countries at risk or with a “stable” COVID-19 situation are subject to periodic updates by the local authorities, therefore it is strongly recommended to always check the official website of the Austrian Ministry of Health at this link

(in English daks at this link) and the Official Gazette. Where required, the presentation of a medical certificate for children up to 12 years of age daks coming from abroad is not required, if accompanied (instead, the obligation of quarantine, where applicable, applies to them).

Transit through Austria without making intermediate stops daks / ensuring immediate restart is normally allowed, without the obligation of registration, testing or other certification and quarantine. For more information, please refer to the “Health situation” and “Mobility” sections of the card on Viaggiare Sicuri and the website of the Italian Embassy in Vienna.


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