Scenic Flights | Daks over Normandy


Daks over Normandy will be organized in two locations. From 2 to 5 June at Duxford Airfield and from 5 to 9 June at Caen Carpiquet Airport. We have the intention to organise scenic flights for our visitors with the original DC-3 Dakota’s.  In the United Kingdom these wonderful flights will take you over the country side of Suffolk and Norfolk, where during the war the RAF and the US Air Forces had an large number of airfields which can still be seen today. In France the flights will take you over the historic battlefields, the original drop zones and the invasion beaches. Daks over Normandy will give you the unique chance to see England and Normandy from a whole new perspective and to fly in the very aircraft that 75 years ago made history. Keep track of this website because in due time you can book your scenic flight here.

Omaha Beach and US Cemetary