Upon Arrival At The Airport


In the event that you have a digital EU Covid certificate, verifiable via QR code, upon entering your data in the Spanish public health form, the system should provide the traveler with a “Fast Control” QR code. If the certificate is not verifiable via a QR code, it can be presented on paper to the staff responsible for checks, upon departure and arrival.

COMING FROM NON-RISK COUNTRIES If you come from non-risk EU or non-EU countries / regions (for Italy: see above), you are subject exclusively to what is indicated in the paragraph “General Obligations”. Consequently, only the completion of the public health form is required.

Filling in the form will provide the traveler from a non-risk area with a special QR Code called “Fast Control”. , you will be subjected to the health checks provided for all passengers. For more details, please refer to this page and this page of the Spanish Ministry of Health.

As regards the provisions in force for the Canary Islands, please refer to this site. More information on the Viaggiare Sicuri website. For more information, including on internal restrictive measures, see the Italian Embassy in Madrid and the Consulate General of Italy in Barcelona.

Notice of 3 September: The evolution of the epidemiological situation from COVID-19 in the Autonomous Communities of Catalonia and Valencia can cause delays in the identification, by the competent health authorities, of accommodation facilities to allow foreign tourists to carry out the planned period of isolation in case of positivity.

The facilities available are limited in number and reception capacity. Before embarking on a trip to these destinations, it is recommended to carefully plan every aspect, to keep informed about the trend of the epidemiological curve and to obtain adequate insurance coverage,

taking into account the risk of being positive or coming into contact with positive people at the Covid-19, resulting in an on-site quarantine obligationSweden – From 1 July 2021, in compliance with the EU Regulation on the EU COVID digital certificate, the EU Covid

Digital Certifications are required for entry into Sweden, which contain the indication that you have received at least one dose of the vaccine or recovery from Covid or, alternatively, a certificate of negativity to Covid carried out by an antigenic / rapid or molecular / PCR swab within 72 hours of entering the country if you come from an EU + country and within 48 hours if you come from a non-European country.

Persons of Swedish citizenship or permanently resident in the country, persons under the age of 18 and persons entering from the Nordic countries (Denmark, Iceland, Finland and Norway) are exempt. Until 31 December 2021, it is recommended that all people from abroad (not vaccinated or cured of covid, over the age of 6 and from countries outside the

Nordic ones) to carry out a molecular test upon arrival and limit external contacts for the first seven days. This recommendation is also addressed to the categories exempted from the presentation of the certificate of a negative Covid test. For details, see the health section of this sheet.

Currently there are restrictions for travelers from non-EU countries (for details click here).
From May 31, 2021, people who enter Sweden from the Nordic countries (Denmark, Finland, Iceland and Norway) are NO longer subject to restrictions and therefore are not required to exhibit a certificate of negativity to Covid; while for those coming from the United Kingdom the same restrictions apply to travelers from non-EU countries.


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