DC-3 Legacy | Daks over Normandy


On the 17th of December 1935, the Douglas DC-3 made her very first flight. Not covered by the press and not seen by millions of people across the World, whose lives were about to change. The launch of this aircraft turned out to be one of the most significant events of the 20th century. The Douglas DC-3 revolutionized the way the World thinks about air travel. Of any single aircraft, the DC-3 has arguably had the most dramatic impact on the way we get around. There isn’t a single country where she hasn’t flown, not a war in which she hasn’t seen service and not a climate she couldn’t endure. 83 years on the DC-3, and her military variant the C-47, are still going strong. Our generation will not see the end of her life. The history, the achievements and the legacy of one of the World’s most famous aircraft cannot be described and we feel that must be protected.

A European platform

Operated by museums, foundations and private individuals, the United Kingdom and mainland Europe boasts about twenty Douglas DC-3 still flying in different variations. Keeping them in an airworthy condition is becoming ever more difficult. Therefore is Daks over Normandy’s aim to keep all of these examples flying, by connecting all British and European DC-3 operators in one single group. Thus providing a platform for all British and European DC-3 operators for technical-, maintenance-, flight-, training-, safety- and spare part support and thus helping to secure the future flying of all DC-3’s in Europe.


The only way to secure the flying future of DC-3’s in Europe is to educate present- and future generations. Daks over Normandy carries the legacy of this remarkable aircraft into the future by showing the aircraft to a broad audience throughout Europe and by telling all generations, with an emphasis on the generation under 25, about the achievements of the aircraft and about the impact it had on our way of thinking and our way of travel.