DC-3 “Gamle Dame” OY-BPB | Daks over Normandy


The Danish DC-3 / C-47A (formerly known in The Royal Danish Air Force as K-683). This particular aircraft rolled out from the production line in Long Beach, CA, on April 3rd 1944 as C-47A No. 3406. After her role out, her history was diverse and colored, as you can see here:

  • 09-04-1944 Accepted by USAAF.

  • 14-04-1944 TCC, Baer Field, Indiana.

  • 29-08-1944 805. Base Unit, George Field, Illinois.

  • 26-04-1945 Left George Field via Nashville, Tenn. for Montreal, Canada.

  • 24-05-1945 Delivered to the Royal Norwegian Air Force (RNAF) under “Lend and Lease” Used by RNAF until
    June 1946 when it was leased by RNAF to Det Norske Luftfartselskab, DNL (The Norwegian Air Lines).

  • 16-10-1946 Registered LN-IAT and named “Nordtind”.

  • 18-10-1946 Began scheduled flying.

  • 01-10-1948 Painted in Scandinavian Airlines System colors. Retained reg. LN-IAT but renamed “Terje Viking”.

  • 15-12-1948 Taken over by DNL from RNAF – The price was 125,000 Norwegian kroner.

  • 08-02-1951 Taken over by SAS.

  • 30-07-1953 Last scheduled flight for SAS.

  • 16-09-1953 Deleted from the Norwegian register.

  • 01-10-1953 Bought by the Royal Danish Air Force (RDAF) from SAS – The price was 588,200 Danish kroner.
    RDAF serial 68-682.

  • 01-01-1954 To ESK 721 (Squadron 721).

  • 02-01-1955 Painted in camouflage colors (gray/green/blue).

  • 15-12-1960 Reregistered K-682. Radio call sign: OV-JBM.

  • 09-12-1966 Repainted in “VIP-colors”: White top, two thin black cheatlines, silver bottom, day-glo panels on
    nose, tail and wing tips.

  • 30-07-1982 Last flight for RDAF.

  • 06-08-1982 Stored at RDAF Base Værløse.

  • 03-03-1983 Leased by Bohnstedt-Petersen A/S.

  • 31-10-1983 Returned to storage.

  • 21-02-1985 Taken over by Bohnstedt-Petersen A/S as OY-BPB. Retained RDAF colors. Orange panels partly overpainted. Used as a company plane, but also used for pleasure flights at airshows.

Due to an outstanding initiative in 1991, success was gained the year after to keep the last airworthy DC-3 in Denmark – and thereby its characteristic silhouette in the Danish skies.

The Danish Dakota Friends (DC-3 Vennerne) is the organization that has to contribute financially to keep the airworthy DC-3, belonging to Association for Flying Museum Aircraft (Foreningen for Flyvende Museumsfly, FFFM) maintained and flying. The Danish Dakota Friends… and our nearly 1600 members keep on fighting to gather the economic resources needed to undertake the very costly tasks of flying and maintaining this historic aircraft, a Flying Legend!