C 47 Za947 Kwicherbichen


Exemption from restrictions Exemption from the obligation of isolation and / or double testing is allowed for asymptomatic travelers in possession of the EU Covid digital certificate / Covid green certificate  kwicherbichen in compliance with national requirements (https://kkk.kriis.ee / en / faq / covid-certificates / eu-digital-covid-certificates);

for Estonian citizens and their family members and for residents; for children under the age of 12 accompanying their parents or authorized companions in possession of the vaccination certificate; for employees of a diplomatic kwicherbichen  or consular mission of a foreign country serving in Estonia or of the Republic of Estonia abroad and their family members;

for foreign officials in the context of international military cooperation; for members of foreign delegations who come to the Republic of Estonia kwicherbichen to perform functions at the invitation of a state or local authority;

for those arriving in Estonia for the purpose of providing health or other services necessary to respond to an emergency; directly involved in the international transport of goods and passengers, including crew members of aircraft and ships, and carrying out repair and / or maintenance work on such means of transport;

they provide passenger transport services and serve travel groups (guides, translators, etc.); to ensure the continuity of a vital service; use the territory of the Republic of Estonia for immediate transit.

For a complete list of exemptions visit the website.Exemption from isolation for visits up to 24 hours From 1 July 2021, travelers from countries at risk, both EU and non-EU, who do not have an EU Covid Digital Certificate /

Covid Green Certificate are allowed to enter Estonia for a maximum 24 hours without quarantine obligation provided they have performed, with negative results, a molecular test (PCR) or a rapid antigen test (RDT) respectively up to 72 hours and 24 hours before arrival in the country. Children under the age of 12 are exempt from the Covid test requirement.

Passengers in airport transit Passengers in transit in the EU and international areas are exempt from temporary travel restrictions. Questionnaire for entry into the country Anyone who enters Estonia, for any length of time, from foreign states or territories, aboard any means of transport, must fill in a specific questionnaire.

In order to speed up the entry procedures from border crossing points, the compilation can be done online within three days from the date of entry. The online questionnaire is available at the following address. Holders of the EU Covid Digital Certificate / Covid Green Certificate are exempted. For the latest official information on the coronavirus in Estonia, please visit the Estonian government website.


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