Airborne Jumps | Daks over Normandy


Throughout the World a number of parachute teams are active in making military style parachute jumps. Each team has its own members, staff and high technical standards. Most of them conduct their activities with an emphasis on World War II style jumps and on conducting memorial services to honor Allied soldiers who fought and died to restore Europe’s freedom. Every year the various teams organize events to commemorate the D-Day and the Market Garden airborne landings and jump at a number of air shows to actively show the general public what it looked like in the days of ‘The Greatest Generation’.

Every day in France a jump will be made into one of the original 1944 drop zones. Up to 12 of the aircraft are equipped to drop the paratroopers in formation. For the Daks over Normandy event, to commemorate the 75th anniversary of D-Day, the project team is aiming to invite all the jump teams to participate in jumps that will be planned into the Normandy peninsula. The project team upholds the strong belief that we have a moral obligation to commemorate this 75th D-Day together. We feel it will be the very last chance we will be able to join forces. For what we have in common with all of these teams is the fact that we all feel history should not be forgotten and should commemorated in a suitable and a respectful way. We sincerely hope all jumpers and jump teams share that idea and want to be part of these jumps.  Eventually this page will include the registration form and the info for the jumps.

All Cross-channel jumpers are ready

Marching to their designated jump ships

Two C-47’s dropping their sticks