In June 2014 it is exactly 70 years ago that the largest invasion in history took place. On D-Day; the 6th of June 1944, in almost 7.000 ships the Allied armies transported over 160.000 young men to the beaches of Normandy in France, to liberate Europe of the Nazis. This invasion was preceded by the landing of 13.000 paratroopers behind the enemy lines. They jumped from the famous Douglas C-47 Dakota; the workhorse of the Allied troops. On the ground they raised havoc and suffered great losses, but they freed the path for the landings from the sea.

Het Round Canopy Parachuting Team is an international team founded in 2009. We are aimed at making parachute jumps with round type canopies as the ones used during World War 2 and at remembering and honouring all Allied soldiers who fought and fell for the liberation of Europe.
We think that this history should never be lost and we hope you share our opinion. That is the reason that every year, in a number of places and from an original C-47 Dakota, we make historic parachute jumps in remembrance of those young men and the sacrifices they made.

Our plan…
Because of the 70th anniversary of the D-day Invasion in June 2014 it is our plan to organise an enormous public “Dakota Fest” and to bring as much of these aircraft to Normandy again! For the first time since 1944 the skies over Normandy will be filled with Dakotas to drop paratroopers. Throughout Europe about 15 of these aircraft are still flying and for this very special occasion we want to bring them all together one last time, so everyone can admire these beautiful aircraft on the ground and in the air, where they belong!

Project - Two restored Douglas DC-3 C-47 Dakota Skytrains in formation during an airshowSo now what…?
The cost for this mega project are high. Our target amount is € 500.000. Alone we will not succeed in raising that kind of money. So we aim to do this with your support.

Will you help us? Let 1944 history revive and support our plan with your contribution. We offer three options for three different kind of purses. And amongst our sponsors we will organise a lottery and 50 lucky people will all win a passenger flight in one of these historical aircraft.

of € 500.000

I donate € 12,50
I support the RCPT initiative!

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I support the RCPT initiative and I want them to jump too!

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I think the initiative is great and determine my own contribution!

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